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Axi-Rad® is a revolutionary thermoplastic retainer that captures threaded fasteners in position on component parts until final fastening operations are performed later in the assembly sequence. FCT can also do the assembly and ship the finished piece. Utilizing a patented lobular design, the Axi-Rad is used in a variety of applications globally, including automotive powertrain and body assemblies, aerospace, heavy truck, industrial equipment and consumer products.

Axi-Rad® is assembled onto a bolt, and the bolt and Axi-Rad are then inserted into the mating hole in the component or casting. With Axi-Rad, the fastener stays in place during shipping and handling so the module arrives ready to place and tighten at final assembly. Commonly used for oil pans, valve covers, alternators and generators, water pumps and electronic devices.

  • Eliminate fastener feeding from final assembly.
  • Improve productivity by moving all fastener handling off the final assembly line.
  • Eliminate the cost of carrying fastener inventory at the final assembly plant.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the downtime and maintenance associated with automated fastener feeding systems.
  • Axi-Rad can be sold in bulk or assembled onto your bolt by FCT.

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axi-rad hole characteristics

axi-rad dimension definitions

axi-rad standard parts

Design Guide
  • A chamfered hole must be used to prevent sharp edges from shaving the retainer and facilitate ease of assembly of the Axi-Rad to the hole.
  • To insure proper function of the Axi-Rad, the insertion hole must be clean, free of debris and oily residue.
  • It is recommended that no contact be made between the bolt and the dunnage during shipping to prevent movement of the bolt and retainer from their installed position.
  • Use with full-bodied fasteners is preferred.