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Moldable Optical Silicone for LED Lighting.
January 03, 2014

Forest City Technologies is a leading manufacturer of lighting components made from moldable optical silicone. Engineered expressly to meet the high performance demands of LED designs, these innovative new silicone products provide several important advantages over traditional materials.

Major advantages of silicone optics include:

  • Significant improvement in thermal and optical stability when exposed to high temperature (150° C) over long durations. This is critical to LED design where higher lumen densities and smaller packaging are required. Optical silicone greatly outperforms polycarbonate and PMMA optics in this regard.
  • The elastomeric nature of optical silicone allows for greater design freedom and the potential to reduce cost by eliminating components and secondary operations. For example, a sealing feature can be designed into a secondary optic made from silicone that would eliminate additional components and labor cost.
  • Significant weight reduction over glass optics while maintaining similar characteristics in light transmission and UV/chemical resistance.

For quotes and inquiries on this revolutionary suite of products, please contact:

Aaron Pasadyn
Product Engineer
Phone: 440.647.6918

Read more about these amazing new materials and their applications at: