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Forest City acquires Novathane® Company, Inc.
January 01, 2015

Forest City Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Novathane® Company, Inc., a manufacturer of custom made urethane products headquartered in Nova, Ohio.  The acquisition closed as of January 1st, 2015.

“We are thrilled to add Novathane ( to the Forest City family of companies“, said John Cloud Sr., Chief Executive and owner of Forest City Technologies.  “Having done business with Rick Swineford and the Novathane team for more than 20 years, we have long admired their integrity and commitment to the customer.”  Rick Swineford, now Vice President of Engineering & Product Development at Novathane, added “The entrepreneurial spirit and culture at Forest City is a perfect fit for us. We’re excited about the future.”

Forest City Technologies ( is North America’s premier custom molder of specialty polymers and resins, including liquid silicone rubber, fluoro-silicone and Plastisol for the automotive, aerospace and consumer products markets.  “Manufacturing custom urethane products is a logical extension of Forest City’s existing material and technology portfolios”, said Cloud Sr.  “Novathane’s existing capability combined with Forest City’s engineering expertise will enhance our ability to provide solutions and solve problems for our customers.”

Forest City Technologies, Inc., a diversified manufacturer of custom molded products and sealing solutions made from a variety of polymers, is headquarted in Wellington, Ohio.  Additionally, Forest City offers a full line of value-added fastener solutions, including the application of pre-applied thread adhesives and sealants, torque modifiers and barrier coatings as well as fastener retention, assembly and products and inspection services.  For inquiries about Forest City Technologies products and services please contact Fran Stack, Vice President of Product Development, via phone (440.647.2115), fax (440.647.2644), email ( or visit

Novathane, a specialist in the molding of urethane polymers serving an array of market segments, is headquartered in Nova, Ohio.  For inquiries about Novathane products and services, please visit the company website at or contact Rick Swineford, Vice President of Engineering and Product Development via phone (419.877.3306), fax (419.877.3307) or email (